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    Ahhh, West Town. Where do we begin? For the sake of using a classic and lame hook, Webster’s Dictionary defines “West Town, Chicago” as “a neighborhood destination which thrives on the principles of community and subsequent charm created by this diverse, yet united community. […] A rich history of residents and entrepreneurial pioneers who’ve helped maintain the essence of what truly defines ‘Chicago,’ … its neighborhoods.”

    (Totally kidding. Webster doesn’t have a definition of “West Town,” but westtownchicago.com defined it better than Merriam ever could have.)


    West Town has a myriad of sub-neighborhoods as well (I think we see a trend here. Chicago, you dog). Some of them include East Village, Eckhart Park, Humboldt Park, Kinzie Industrial Corridor, Noble Square, Smith Park, Ukrainian Village, and Wicker Park. Honestly, where else were we supposed to begin?

    While the neighborhood has faced some difficulty over the years (dare we mention the Bermuda Triangle on West North Avenue between Ashland and the highway?), fortunately, we have some new developments coming to the neighborhood.

    30 residential units will be popping up soon at 1545 West North Avenue. The five-story apartment and retail project will surely be more successful than the series of businesses that have come-and-gone through the intersection over the years.

    The currently dwindled area will soon be revitalized, and hopefully this new project will bring more commercial buzz to the block. The parking availability and green roof might be the cherry on top of the construction cake.

    Speaking of the parking lot off the exit ramp, Fletcher Jones, owners of the Mercedes Benz dealership west of the North Avenue Kennedy Expressway ramp, announced that they will be building a four-story Audi dealership on the property.

    This property is currently in the 1st Ward, and one of the main sights when traveling to Wicker Park from North Avenue, but will become a part of the new 2nd Ward after the new city ward map kicks in.

    Noble Square is also getting some residential renovations in the form of a proposed condo building. Unfortunately, in order for the condos to rise, an ACE Hardware has to fall.

    The 15,000 square feet store will transform to a four-story building with ground level retail and 14 new condo units, each of which will have three bedrooms.

    Along with the many other projects in the area, including the new apartment units coming up at 15-hundred block of West Haddon Street, 1611 West Division, the 12-hundred block of North Milwaukee, and the 12-hundred block of North Ashland, it looks like Polish Broadway is having a makeover, and the new face looks like a shiny new apartment.
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