• New Development: Basecamp River North

    Situated on the block of 450 W. Oak St., Basecamp River North earns the title of the neighborhood’s only new development of row homes—and it’s going to be impressive.


    Ranquist Development Group creates a “new type of home designed for the changing demands of home buyers” with their row house projects. The design of the homes will be quintessentially modern, billed as contemporary, practical, cool, and urban. This includes utilizing open floor plans and creating versatile and inherently useful space. Efficiency in space, design, and construction will be emphasized.

    basecamp bathroom Basecamp Interior Rendering

    Design and style jump out as key aspects of the homes, with concrete, steel, wood, and porcelain serving as fundamental materials. While these sound familiar and mundane, they are creatively integrated to be at the pinnacle of modern design. Form and function share the pedestal, and the interiors of these homes will take your breath away. Think clean lines, creative layouts, and style choices that are funky and modern yet still practical enough to live with day to day.

    urban sandbox flexhouse

    The exterior of the buildings fall in line with Ranquist’s current developments in Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Bucktown, all of which have earned architectural and/or design awards or recognition. The accompanying pictures show the linear, high-design of their current offerings, a look that will be taken even further at Basecamp River North.

    The homes themselves accommodate residents with garage parking, rooftop decks, outdoor space, and plenty of open living space. They offer multiple large bedrooms, with the option of sacrificing a bedroom for a media or billiard room. Residents will be surrounded by luxury trimmings, and will enjoy expansive views of the skyline from large windows and outdoor spaces. Skylights bring in as much natural light as possible.

    The whole project encompasses 47 homes in total, released in three phases. Come Autumn 2014, Phase 1 commences with 12 homes. They are available in 2 or 3-story configurations, with prices ranging from $549,900 to 679,900 for 2-story homes and $679,900 to 849,900 for a 3-story house. The price range depends mainly on lot location, though there are various floorplans (with 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2100-3400 sq. ft.) as well.

    If you are considering buying a home in River North, Basecamp is a perfect candidate for those seeking new construction, high design, and efficient space. Ranquist describes Basecamp as both a transition into the city and a retreat from it. Sound prefect? Get in touch now, and you could be in your dream home by the time the leaves begin to change color.

    Call us at 773.313.3901 or email at blog@newmanrealtyillinois.com for exclusive insight into this development, one of the city’s hottest new constructions.

    All images credited to Ranquist Development Group.

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