• Luxurious Lakeview Highrises: Few & Far Between

    Lakeview is known for the eccentric neighborhoods that all exist within its boundaries, for the population of young professionals, and well, most obviously, the view of the lake. What Lakeview is not particularly known for, however, is high-rises. While we don’t have any news of high-rises joining the neighborhood, we’re here to profile the few significant towers the neighborhood does have to offer.

    The first building in the spotlight is the Park Place Tower at 655 West Irving Park.

    Standing at 56 stories and 530.5 feet with 901 condominium units, this building is actually the tallest in Chicago outside of downtown. Lakeview may not have many high-rises, but at least they have the best one outside of the loop.

    Speaking of the best, the tower holds an impressive number of awards from the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia and the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, ranging from Best in Show for 2002 to Best Overall Community in an urban setting for 2002. These awards should hopefully make up for the “notorious wind trap” on the sidewalk in front of the building. Build some more high-rises nearby and this problem can easily be solved. You all were thinking it, we just said it.

    Lieberman Management Services keep their tenants happy with the condo amenities, including the gourmet market in the building, a recreation room, and a private movie theater for the winter with a sundeck and outdoor pool for the summer.

    With a prime location in Lakeview, prime amenities, and the best high-rise you can find north of the Loop, Park Place Tower doesn’t need us to tell you twice. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

    Next on our short list is Hawthorne House at 3450 North Lake Shore Drive.

    Although it does not stand out compared to the 56 stories over at Park Place Tower, Hawthorne House remains one of the most luxurious apartment towers in Lakeview, as well as one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood.

    The tower, of course, includes all standard luxury apartment amenities, such as a rooftop pool and sundeck, dry cleaning pick up, and a fitness center with a view of the skyline (what could be more motivating?). At the east end of Boystown, residents at Hawthorne House are in a great location within the neighborhood, as well as a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from the rest of the city, thanks to its location on Lake Shore Drive.

    Standing at 42 floors with 458 units, offering studio, one and two bedroom apartments, those searching for luxurious-style apartments don’t have to live in the loop; you all have a space waiting for you right on the lake shore.

    Last, but only literally least in the sense that it is the shortest of the towers, is 2800 North Lake Shore Drive.

    Sure, 2800 North Lake Shore is only 43 stories (we say “only” as if we could take the stairs all the way up), but these residents are surely pleased with their luxurious condo homes. With floor to ceiling windows and spacious rooms, all 655 units in this tower are hot commodities.

    Think about all of the standard luxurious condominium building amenities, and you can assume 2800 North Lake Shore has it (except for the dog run, which is a relatively new phenomenon and this tower was built in late ’60s). Don’t worry, all the units have been remodeled and therefore are still worthy of the adjective “luxurious.”

    Offering one, two, and three bedroom condominiums, residents all can enjoy large, open spaces in their homes and space around the building, as the location means beautiful parks within walking distance, such as Park West and Evergreen. Oh, and did we mention it’s on the lake?

    At the end of the day, you can’t beat a highrise on the lake and still walking distance to the plethora of sub-neighborhoods within Lakeview while also edging on Lincoln Park territory. The real concern with this building is how you plan on snagging a place; we suggest you get in line.

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