• Get Your Life Together 2018

    Having trouble getting the “new year, new me” program into action? We can help. Let 2018 be the year you get it all together. We created a checklist of all the parts you should hit when starting this new year, along with our favorite places and people that can help!


    Try Juicing  Juicing can be a great way to kick start your new path to a better you in 2018. It can give you a sense of hitting the restart button on your nutrition habits by flushing the body of toxins and pumping it full of super nutrition.

    Newman Approved: (City Press Juice)

    Join A Health Club 

    Get your body and mind right by joining a club that offers all around service that can restore your mind, body and spirit. From exercise classes to treatments like massage and acupuncture.

    Newman Approved: (Meta Modern Health)     

    Get A Personal Trainer

    If you are new to the fitness scene or want to step up your game this year, turn to a personal trainer. Shytown Fitness has a group of personal trainers that can help you achieve your fitness goals, their trainers are also yoga certified.

    Newman Approved: (Shytown Fitness)

    Try Yoga 

    Want to sleep better and live more stress free? Yoga can bring the zen back into your life and help you unplug.

    Newman Approved: (Ashley Grace Poladian)

    Start Pilates Chicago 

    Restore your core and bring balance to your body with pilates. Pilates is for everyone and each exercise can be modified to fit your needs, so there is no need to shy away.

    Newman Approved: (Flex Pilates Chicago

    Head Back To The Dentist 

    When getting healthy this year, do not forget about those pearly whites. Your dental health is crucial to your overall wellbeing. Improve your dental habits by scheduling a cleaning and a checkup at the first of the year.

    Newman Approved: (Dr. Nate Hoffman)


    Property Tax Attorney

    Meet with an experienced attorney this year to help lower what you owe on your next property tax bill. Don’t let another year go by when you could have appealed.

    Newman Approved: (Lauren C. Elliot)


    Now that your mind, body and finances are in order, don’t forget your home. Schedule your annual maintenance, check up and cleaning to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    Home Improvement

    Newman Approved: (Fix It People)

    Clean Your Air Duct/ Dryer Vents

    Newman Approved: (Ugly Ducklings)

    Schedule An Annual HVAC Check Up

    Newman Approved: (Expedience Heating & Cooling

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