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  • See Scott featured in Chicago Magazine- July 2011

    Check out Scott in this month’s issue of Chicago Magazine where he discusses best practices for buyers dealing with purchasing a foreclosed property in Chicago, IL. Scott is currently working with numerous banks and financial institutions to actively market, list, and sell foreclosed homes which is one of the keys to the market recovering. If [ … more ]

  • Why Scott Newman and Newman Realty?

    Picking the right Realtor to represent you is crucial to your success and sanity and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly!  We know you have so many talented professionals to choose from but after you listen to Scott speak we know you’ll be sold on the genuine passion and dedication we bring to the table [ … more ]

  • Attorney Review/Home Inspection Period

    The negotiation went well and you secured the home you wanted at a price you’re happy with- congratulations! Now that you’re under contract, the next to steps are critical to the integrity of the deal: to conduct your attorney review and home inspection. Attorney review and home inspection are two critical events where understanding your [ … more ]

  • Negotiating Your First Home

    So you’ve done your homework, went searching with your Realtor, and you’ve finally found the place of your dreams. You’ve made it this far, but what now? Time to negotiate! The goal of negotiating is to minimize what you’re paying for your future home while maximizing the terms under which you’ll make that purchase. The [ … more ]

  • I’m a semi-finalist in Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Feature!

    Every year REALTOR® Magazine features 30 rising young stars in the real estate industry and I’ve been selected as one of the 50 semi-finalists for this great honor! Along with the “30 Under 30″ honor, REALTOR® Magazine is allowing the public to vote for their favorite semi-finalist to receive the 30 Under 30 Web Choice [ … more ]

  • Prioritizing Priorities For Your New Home

    So you’ve made the decision to buy, figured out the financing situation, and picked a great Realtor to work with… Now what? Time to determine what you’re looking for in a home! This next step may be as important in the homebuying process as any of the other ones when it comes to the satisfaction [ … more ]

  • Financing Your Home

    So you’ve made the decision that now is the right time to buy and you’re looking to take the next step, what to do next? The next step in the process is the most crucial if you value your time: obtaining financing pre-approval by a reputable and reliable lender. The best place to go to [ … more ]

  • Renting Vs. Buying

    Everyone’s doing it so why shouldn’t I be? Of course I’m talking about making the decision to dip your toes into the wide and wonderful world of property ownership. First time buyers go through pain-staking efforts to come to a conclusion as to whether or not is the right time and often their decision is [ … more ]