• Basecamp: New SFHs Meet Old Irving Park

    It often feels like a constant battle to go shopping for a single family home in Chicago. Round one: location vs. price. Round two: modern renovations vs. space. Round three: neighborhood vs., well, neighborhood.

    At this point you’re tired and have realized that finding a sophisticated and informed agent to buy a house is critical to this process, but then you get lists of options, amenities, features, prices, and locations, and it feels like round four.

    Don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Round five: fall in love with Basecamp in Old Irving Park.

    Chicago’s next great community for single family homes has come to Old Irving Park in the form of 48 new single family homes starting from $479,900. That wasn’t a typo, so keep reading.

    The developments may be in Old Irving, but the aesthetics are modern with a hint of the neighborhood’s traditional elegance. Who says you can’t have innovation and a historical chic vibe to your home? No one.

    Basecamp is nestled in a quiet, sheltered environment that still has an easy gateway to the city. That’s not to say that the neighborhood doesn’t have a ton to offer. The community is steps away from 6 Corners shopping, the Grassland Metra stop, and the expressway.

    Four or five bedrooms, three bathrooms, private yard, and a 2-car detached garage means that you don’t have to go to the suburbs for a home that allows you to live the American dream. In the 21st century, the American Dream means you can have it all.

    Ranquist Development Group has strategically designed the community to allow for a unique living experience for homeowners, tailored to efficiency in amenities, features, space, and your morning commute.

    There’s no point in suggesting someone match the value and quality of this community. We would ask what you’re waiting for, but we’re also assuming you stopped reading halfway through this article and you have already scheduled a showing. We’re glad you’re planning ahead because deliveries start in the spring of 2016.

    If you’re behind schedule, make sure to reach out to us for more information and an opportunity to set up a showing! We’ll patiently await the invitation to your housewarming party.

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