• 6 Simple & Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

    Want to maximize the comfort and beauty of your home but don’t have a ton of money or time to spend? There are many solutions out there that won’t require you to break the bank or spend your entire weekend aimlessly wandering the aisles of your local Home Depot.

    Your home is your castle, and by following these simple tips you can ensure that every time you walk in the door after a long day of work you feel that way.

    1. Automation

    With Mother Nature’s mood swings and the constant change in weather, wouldn’t it be nice if your thermostat just adjusted itself?

    Although some may feel this is a distant and expensive dream from the future, think again! Today we live in a world of top-notch technology, so why should you feel neglected? Easily programmable thermostats and smart home systems are available AT VERY LOW PRICES.

    For starters check out the “Nest Learning Thermostat”, not only is it inexpensive but it’s easy to use! This magical thermostat memorizes your temperature preferences without the difficult programming process. Not only is it simple, but it detects when no one is home and changes the temperature accordingly. If that’s not convincing enough, it also has a wi-fi remote control and mobile app.

    2. Nature’s Niceties

    Although there’s a bit of “do it yourself” attitude with this one, you won’t be watching youtube videos on how to! This is a simple, flexible and FRESH change in pace.

    Rather than wasting the big bucks on landscaping, choose the practical route: A GARDEN. Fresh fruit in walking distance is a beautiful thing, especially if it’s in your own backyard. Even hanging a vertical garden on your kitchen wall will save you the time and effort. Remember a little bit goes a long way. Every small plant contributes for years on end with a little bit of love.

    3. Delicious Details

    Want your place to finally feel home? It’s time to pay attention to the detail. Customize your sanctum and express yourself. Polish off your home, with little time and on budget.

    Try out simple projects such as: Adding crown moldings or baseboards. Painting moldings, baseboards, mantles and door trims a contrasting color is a cheap way to make a huge difference visually (you won’t believe the quick transformation). Replacing doors and light fixtures also goes a long way as do adding interior or exterior shutters. Lastly, consider replacing dated faucets, sinks, toilets and hardware with more modern versions.

    4. Solar

    Go green. With every good investment comes a price. If you can afford the initial cost, you will make up for it with savings. Especially if you live somewhere with excruciatingly hot, sunny summers (do I need to mention the energy bills too).

    Installing a solar system allows you to run your home on renewable energy while reducing your energy costs! Imagine all the shopping you could do with those savings.

    5. Built-Ins

    Its time to eliminate that clutter and save some space! Desks, bookshelves, closet systems and even kitchen recycling centers are just some of the possible built-ins you can create!

    Built-Ins offer that luxurious and customized look. Remember it’s your built-in so really consider the way you want to utilize that room and space and get to it! If you’re not the craftiest and the concept of building into your home scares you, there are inexpensive off-the-shelf built-in alternatives. Otherwise get creative! Rather than building in, think of what you can use to create the built-in illusion. Thus keeping the space flexible and the creativity flowing!

    6. Dedicated Spaces

    Something as simple as dedicating a space in your home to a special activity is a rare luxury.

    The idea is to dedicate your space to a special activity, paint it, install the appropriate furniture and carve out a place for all the supplies involved in that activity. A prime example of this could be turning a corner of your great room into a homework area for the children simply by installing shelves and a table. This is your space and your home and it’s meant to feel like yours, be confident in your ideas and create the perfect space for you.


    By taking the time to get creative and think outside-of-the-box you see how you can take a few extra dollars and hours of your time and turn them into game changers when it comes to the feel and look of your home.

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